26 November 2007

Backround information about Türi Gymansium

Türi Gymnasium is a school with around 700 students. Work takes place in two buildings: elementary school building (1924) and the gymnasium building (1970). There are 30 sets of classes. The school employs over 50 teachers, each with a pedagogical professional education. For teaching children with special needs there is a speech therapist, student councelling by a psychologist, and, if necessary, remedial teaching.

The long-term traditions of the school help to develop and sustain the atmosphere of the school, starting from the Knowledge Day celebration meeting on September 1st and ending with the seniors planting a tree in spring. There are lectures, amateur contests, quiz shows between classes, competitions, subject days and weeks. Student council, run by a president, makes the school unique. A newspaper office publishes the school paper “Radiaator”. An almanac has been compiled of the works of students “On This And That Side Of The Horizon”. Athletes are among the first in the county and successful in national competitions.

Türi Gymnasium:
  • is one of the oldest school in Estionia.
  • education has been given over 320 years.
  • approximately 700 students study at our school.
  • students work in two buildings: the elementary schoolhouse(1924) and the gymnasium schoolhouse(1970).
  • there is 30 sets of classes.
  • there are over 50 teachers in our school, who all have a pedagogical education.
  • students from classes 7 to 9 study Estonian and Maths in different groups. The groups have been formed according to their knowledge in Estonian or Maths and allow the teachers to work on individual bases.

Subjects taught in our school are: Estonian (mother tongue), English, German, Frensh, Russian, Latin, history, biology, physics, geograpghy, chemistry, mathematics, social studies, psychology, industrial arts, career studies, art, music, physical education and some more vocational subjects.

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